Since moving my family to Airdrie in 2008, I've relied on the Airdrie Community to build and support my Fitness Business. Now, it's my turn to help grow and develop this amazing city that my family calls, "home."

I'm a husband, father of three and local business owner that has lived in Airdrie for the last 13 years. My family and I have seen the growth and development that the city continues to go through and I want to help advocate for the community and help create an Airdrie full of vitality and vibrancy.

As an active member in the community, I can add diversity, and a unique perspective that can represent the families that live here. As a business owner, and entrepreneur - I continually embrace change, the need need for growth and the importance of continuous learning to discover more about what the city needs in a City Council Member.

Vote for me because I face the same struggles, issues and have the same fears that many of the families are dealing with. I truly want to make a difference by changing the dialogue, working hard and by being your voice so you can be heard, but also your shoulder to lean on when times are hard.