"Jay you have been such a big part of this community for so long and such a big part in my life! From my personal trainer to co-worker to friend! You are never afraid of the hard work it will take to achieve your dreams! All while being the best role model for your kiddos!

With your hard work ethic and amazing determination to never give up I have no doubt you will make Airdrie better!

That one hour of training with you not only helped me get healthier but it was full of so much laughter and happiness! I would leave feeling 10 times happier then when I started! You have forever changed my life and lead me to have a love and passion for fitness and helping others!

This community would benefit so much from you on Airdrie City Council! You have my vote on October 18! Jay Raymundo for Airdrie City Council"

D. Slupski

"I’ve never in my life posted a political sign on my property….

This one I’m more than happy to!

I’ve known Jay Raymundo for 13 years. We used to be trainers together at Golds Gym way back in the day.

I’ve seen his family grow, his success flourish. His determination as an entrepreneur is inspiring… and now he’s running for council which I’m sure is scary, nerve racking, exciting and rewarding which ever way it pans out for him.

Jay has been an active member in the community for years and is such a kind and humble man. He will be an amazing voice for Airdrie

You have my vote % Jay! Kill it

Buddy!!! You got this!!!"


C. Emerson

"I dont usually follow politics but this man Jay Raymundo who we have known since 2012 will be a welcome addition to Airdrie City Council. He is such an incredible person and truly cares about this community to its very core. I know many will agree he has the most beautiful and caring heart and I hope all my friends in Airdrie will consider giving Jay your support when you cast your ballots this fall. He has my families full support behind him. "

T. Bear

"I’m pretty fuzzy with politics. I get lost in the shuffle, don’t like to offend people, in regular life I am solution focused and seek win-win outcomes. Politics leaves me defeated and divided and unable to communicate with harsh opinions and voice my thoughts. If I’m being honest- I don’t do a ton of research to understand and learn... but I know one thing. Good people make a good difference in the world. We often think “why would I bother- I’m only one person” but if we all honoured only being one person of good in the world... what would it be like?

I encourage you to review this good humans campaign and reach out with questions. He is hard working, owns a small business, is a parent, lives in our community and hustles like crazy. He is one person I am very fortunate to have in my corner when needed and look forward to contributing to his. Go Jay! Change the world."

M. Luipasco